"Bear always tells me I will find my prince someday. Have you found your princess?"

Logan rolled his eyes. God, he hated spending time with children! But Derek had asked him to look after his sister while he was busy with his soccer team.

Lately Amanda was obsessed with princesses fairytales and as soon as Logan had walked through the door, she had started asking him awkward questions.

"No, I haven’t" he answered.

"Is it because you don’t have a white horse?"

"Uhm… maybe. I’ve never thought about it actually."

"Have you at least a shining armour?" asked the little girl, out of patience.

"No, I don’t. But if you think that’s gonna help me, I’ll buy one tomorrow, ok?"

"Of course, you have to!" Amanda replied, then added "isn’t it time for ice cream? Julian always gives me a lot of it… Do you know if he has found his princess yet?"

"As far as I know, no he hasn’t."

"How’s that possible? He’s so beautiful and kind!"

"And I’m not??"

"Uhm… yes… but you’re different! Julian is the perfect prince! But Bear told me he’s too old for me and he’s already in love with someone else." said Amanda with a sad tone.

"He is??" asked Logan puzzled.

"Yes, and I wasn’t supposed to tell you that! So please don’t say anything to Derek ok??"

"Yeah, I’ll keep my mouth shut, don’t worry."

The little girl sighed in relief.

"You know that I call him princess all the time?" said the blond to cheer her up.

"Why???? Julian is a boy!!!"

"Yes, but he acts like a girl most of the time. You’re way smarter than he is, you’ll find someone better than him, I’m sure of that."

Amanda looked happier now, eating her ice cream with a big smile on her face.

"So… what do you know about Julian’s beloved?"

"I can’t say anything, remember????"

"Right…" Logan mumbled almost lost in his thoughts.

"Why don’t you just ask him? He’s your friend, ask is all you have to do!" said the little girl with a knowing expression.

She knew that Logan was Julian’s princess, but Derek told her not to tell or he would have hidden all of her dolls.

The door opened and Derek yelled ” Panda! I’m home!”

"I’m sure you’re gonna like his answer" she whispered to Logan’s ear  before running towards her brother and jumping in his open arms.

"Logan and I had a lot fun today! Right?"

But the boy’s mind was somewhere else.

"Lo, are you alright?" asked Derek a little worried.

"Yeah, I’m cool… It was a beautiful day but now excuse me I have to go talk to the princess." said the blond leaving the other two alone.

"AMANDA! What did you tell him???"

"I’m soooorry! Please don’t hide my dolls!"

Derek laughed, “No, Panda. I’m not gonna do it. Maybe one of us should have told him a long time ago.”

"Are they gonna have a happily ever after?"

"I really hope so. C’mon, let’s finish this ice cream!"

"I love you, Bear."

"Love you too, Panda."

*All the characters belong to Cp Coulter*